customs compliance

customs compliance

Customs Compliance: We apply a rigorous and diligent approach to the constant and high regulatory demands. We assess your supply chain and customs activities; perform post-importation audits and checks; and can work with you to develop proactive processes to mitigate any risks and prevent penalties and fines.

We will work with you proactively with changes in customs regulations, procedures, and licences that might impact your business.

We can assist in the strategic outsourcing of customs operations and managing third-party broker clearances.

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WE can help save your business from costly Customs Compliance errors?

Customs Compliance is a fundamental area of customs management. Incorrect customs entries could result in a range of problems, impacting your business imports

Customs Risks

Customs Penalties

Authorised Economic Operator Status (AEO)

Extra customs duty demands
& liability for debts

Loss of duty relief

Seizure of goods

Delays clearing customs

Negative impact on relationship with customs authorities

Retrospective customs duty demands

Loss of eligibility to AEO

Personal penalties (in the UK)

Shows that you are a secure
link in the supply chain

Demonstrates that customs
processes are compliant and

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