Our experts maintain constant contact with HM Revenue & Customs in the UK to understand the rapidly changing and developing requirements of Brexit – both in the UK and in the EU. You can rest assured that when things change, we are there to help you manage this change and ensure your trade continues to flow, promptly and compliantly.

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Brexit FAQs

The answer to this is probably yes, although it will all be around how ready you are and having your documents in order to make sure your trucks / consignment pass through customs.

Customs X is a completely neutral entity within the supply chain, we will only be looking after your customs formalities to ensure that your trucks / consignment move as they would normally pre 1st January. Our platform is designed to speed up entries and cut down extra time within the supply chain to which Brexit could cause. With customs X there will be no change in hauliers or freight forwarder, we are here to be your customs office.

The very first thing we recommend, is to ensure that within your customer contracts you have a clear idea of your INCO terms ( selling terms ). These will define whether or not you are liable for the customs formalities. After this we can guide you step by step; please keep in mind with less than 100 days to go you need to act quickly.

Customs X can provide Fiscal representation for companies that are selling on a DDP term and do not have an entity with in Europe, we can register you for a VAT number in FR in order to claim back the VAT. Once again please keep in mind that there is not a lot of time left and registration of FR VAT numbers can take time. Please contact us asap in order for us to set up this flow. 

This very much depends on how your flow will be set up, if you are raising a T document ( Transit documents ), the driver will need to have this form as a physical document; all other documents can be digital. Your driver will also need a GMR number in order to proceed through the border. This is the reference given by the GVMS system ( goods vehicle movement system ), we really like this acronym; driver should have a CMR and a GMR!

Absolutely, there is a charge for this if you wish us to enter the information required, or your haulier / freight forwarder can gather the entry / MRN information from our platform.

This will apply for all imports

The first thing we would recommend is to join our platform, there is a monthly charge but as a member you will receive a discount on your customs entry fee’s.  With this in mind, we would work with you to send the data to us in our pre required format; this will allow us to process your entries at a far quicker rate and in turn reduce delays. Please contact us for API specification

The simple answer is Yes, we have offices in France, Holland and UK which are all based in strategic location in order to sort issues locally should the need arise. Our offices are manned 24/7 and are our own staff and premises not 3rd parties.

 Yes, we can also complete the ECS sortie from the French side giving your broker notification the goods have left the EU

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